More TCG friends win a Fed 100!

One of TCG’s friends won a Fed 100 in 2008, and now another has done the same thing…and they are both working on the same project! Andy Schoenbach of OMB was honored last year and now Shahid Shah of Netspective Communications, who does some great work at OMB, has also won the award. (Full disclosure: We know both Andy and Shahid from our work at OMB.)

Congratulations, Shahid!

[UPDATE!] I didn’t see before that another of our friends has also been honored this year: Ken Allen of ACT-IAC. Congratulations, Ken! (And thanks, Judith, for pointing this out.)

I’m starting to think that maybe an association with TCG gives people special award-winning qualities. (Sadly, I’m absolutely aware that this is a shallow attempt to share the glory…)

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