Cooley optimistic about grants streamlining

Tom Cooley, the chair of the Chief Financial Officer’s Council’s Grants Policy Committee was interviewed by Jason Miller on FederalNewsRadio yesterday. There’s a distinct note of optimism in Tom’s responses, and for good reason: the GPC now has an Implementation Plan that lays out short, medium, and long-term initiatives that will drive grants streamlining over the next five years and beyond, including:

  • Government-wide guidance for grants payments standards
  • Uniform formats for progress reporting
  • Government-wide formats for grant and cooperative agreements
  • Standards for audits of state and local governments and non-profits
  • A government-wide grants professional certification program
  • A grants workforce database

He also discusses the challenges of sub-recipient reporting, and the fact that the GPC needs to get its message out to a broader audience. Being interviewed on FNR is a good start, Tom!

Read (and listen) all about the interview, here.