Traditional we are not. At TCG, we pride ourselves on being and thinking differently – and we apply this approach to everything we do. As a result, we develop unique solutions that change the way government works.

We bring something new to the table, but we aren’t new to the game. For more than 25 years, TCG has helped federal agencies develop custom-built solutions tailored to meet their exact requirements. We’re smart, fair, honest, and open and we invest in every challenge put before us. We help government improve while saving time and money. In a marketplace crowded with competitors of all sizes, TCG offers a different way to deliver the innovation government needs to propel America forward.

Our Management Team

With over 120 years of combined technical and management experience, TCG’s senior management team is dedicated to excellence and provides successful guidance for all of our Federal government IT projects.

Daniel A. Turner

Daniel A. Turner


Dan Turner founded TCG in 1994 by happy accident because he was looking for a job when NIH needed a contractor to build one of government’s first web applications. Despite the surprise start, he threw himself into building TCG because he believes government can do extraordinary things when supported by the right knowledge and technologies. Today’s TCG is a product of the company’s Core Values, which reflect Dan’s own. Under his leadership, the company is recognized by customers and employees as a Federal IT advisory services industry leader, with a culture focused on delivering smart solutions for programs of national importance. He enjoys his 4-hour one-on-one orientation with every new employee, a task that enables him to inculcate new employees with the core values and also to get TCG to pay for his lunch.

Dan graduated in a prior millennium from Rutgers University with two majors and a dream of someday having a job. His dream has since been fulfilled.

In his sparse spare time, he tries unsuccessfully to get his wife and his many children to come to his daily stand-up family meetings. He also enjoys treaddesking, telecommuting, and joining Butch in being a science and math groupie.

David G. Cassidy, PMP

David G. Cassidy, PMP

Vice President

Early in the Aughts, Dave Cassidy was instructed to stop being a project manager and instead become the creative force behind TCG’s business development, marketing, partner management, customer support, proposal development, and generation of chaos. Mostly, he continues to follow Dan’s instructions to the letter. Dave stays up late at night thinking of ways TCG will keep current customers satisfied and help future friends do even better work.

He has a degree from some university in England that specializes in producing people with an amazingly realistic British accent.

Dave’s wife and many children look forward to hearing him shout at soccer players on TV, eating his world-famous pancakes, and being regaled with random quotes from obscure British sitcoms. He has never watched an episode of The Partridge Family. Seriously.

Lisa Alferieff, PMP

Lisa Alferieff, PMP

Chief Operating Officer

When Lisa Alferieff was hired, she was informed that she would become TCG’s COO, despite her sporadic protestations that she is a simple country project manager. Sometime between 2011 and 2014, she accepted her fate and has since overseen the three-fold increase in the number of employees at TCG, from 30 to north of 100. As COO, her focus is ensuring that our clients are well cared for and our projects are running smoothly and efficiently. She is, variously, our very best COO, our Program Managers’ best friend, and the Retainer of All Facts. She also occasionally takes out the trash. In 2012 Lisa was recognized as an FCW Rising Star. We are surprised it took them so long.

Lisa has a degree in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Geneseo. Her degree was the center of the Venn diagram created by pursuing degrees in biology, geography, accounting, and environmental science.

Outside work, Lisa’s hobbies include her kids, her family, travel, informal mentoring, and making her kids’ school excellent. She is one of the only people in the world who actually cheers when called for jury duty. Her “dislikes” include the color mauve, which was discovered in 1859 by someone who was not Lisa’s ancestor. Lisa is of the strong opinion that colors should not be discovered.

Robert Buccigrossi, Ph.D. (aka “Butch”)

Robert Buccigrossi, Ph.D. (aka “Butch”)

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Robert Buccigrossi is a polymath who has worked with TCG since its inception in 1994. As the company’s first hire, he has had a hand in almost every TCG project. Today, as Chief Technical Officer, he promotes architecture standards and development methodologies, and shares lessons learned among projects.

Butch has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, where he will someday either endow a chair or occupy one. He was valedictorian of his class when he got his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University.

When Butch is permitted to take on non-TCG activities, he enjoys board games, running marathons with his wife while thinking about board games, and overseeing the budding genius embodied in his daughter.

Judith Axler Turner, PMP

Judith Axler Turner, PMP

Vice President of Employee Happiness

Judith Turner makes sure our employees are heard, understood, and cared for throughout their work at TCG. As a senior project manager she oversaw some of the company’s biggest projects, and some of its smallest. Today, she ensures that our staff’s employment experience with the company is the very best in our industry. She also leads TCG’s CMMI and ISO compliance, alongside Butch. Meetings with her are charged to “employee happiness.” What pressure she operates under!

Judith went to college before most recording media in use today were invented, so records are spotty.

Prior to joining TCG, she had been a career reporter, working for some of the country’s major newspapers. In 1981 Judith started one of the first nationally syndicated computer columns in the country. When she joined TCG, she went from being the most technologically savvy person in her office to one of the least. However, she holds the title of best ballroom dancer in the company.