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Securely scale services as demand grows.

Through cloud technology, TCG modernizes government services for improved availability, scalability, and security.

  • Native Cloud Development
  • Migration to Secure Cloud Environments
  • SaaS Customization and Configuration
Cloud Capability Statement

Cloud FAQ with Dr. Robert Buccigrossi, TCG Chief Technology Officer

Our three primary concerns are scalability, security, and cost management. Other approaches misunderstand how integrated these areas are. Solutions like AWS containers and orchestration enable rapid expansion and contraction, offering a more cost-effective alternative to deploying single servers by allowing for horizontal scaling. However, ineffective management or misconfiguration of a scalable environment may lead to significant expenses. Therefore, implementing FinOps for expense oversight and budgeting is crucial. Agencies need to employ tools for active budget monitoring and establishing guardrails to manage spending.

In addition to standard intrusion monitoring, security in a modular cloud environment is dramatically enhanced through a zero-trust architecture, which establishes a layered defense to limit any breach's impact, preventing further intrusion. Zero-trust  involves setting up authentication and authorization among components and designating specific roles for services, thereby reducing vulnerability and enhancing system integrity.

There's an industry bias toward massive and overly complex solutions. The complexity of an application's architecture should align with its needs. For simpler applications, a straightforward setup with failover capabilities suffices, eliminating the necessity for an overly complex architecture. Adhering to the principle of simplicity is a best practice that people often forget about.


We help agencies avoid high-risk deployment cycles by focusing on iterative improvement. This helps agencies eliminate disruptions and provides early return on investments. Users see the improvements quickly. Stakeholders see the investment and avoid a high risk deployment cycle.



Cloud Security

TCG uses FISMA controls for network topology, server configuration, application security, application logging, authentication, and monitoring. We target major FedRAMP-certified cloud providers.

  • FISMA Moderate and High
  • Zero Trust
  • Supply Chain Security
Open-Source Supply Chain Security


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Project Spotlight: FCC Public Comment System

The FCC Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) enables the public to submit comments on FCC proceedings. The FCC wanted to overhaul ECFS so that it would be “infinitely scalable” to meet future surges in demand and assure the public and Congress of the security of data submitted and received.

Learn how the system performed.

Application and Web Development
Our bread and butter. TCG started by supporting NIH in building one of the first web-based grantee management systems in the Federal government. Since then, we've built systems that drive neuroscience research, enable efficient collaboration between Federal agencies, speed international aid, and a whole lot more.
Digital Transformation
Every agency understands the need for digital transformation. TCG helps agencies realize their transformation goals on time and within budget. Learn how we help agencies automate processes, get more from data, and empower users.
Develop efficient,, transparent, and ethical government. Read a few examples of projects we're proud to support with Agile and open IT solutions.