Since TCG was established in 1994, we have delivered IT services and solutions to the Federal Government that have saved taxpayers money, created new efficiencies, and generally improved the great work the government does. As we reflect on that work, it’s clear that, by supporting federal agencies, we also contribute to the creation of new businesses, national infrastructure, scientific discoveries, national security, and countless programs that support the well-being of those living in the U.S. and abroad.

But TCG’s role in making the world a better place doesn’t end with our corporate capabilities. Our employees volunteer and offer support to outside organizations in their non-TCG time. Our staff contribute to their respective communities in a myriad of ways, all to improve the well-being of others.

Additionally, our management team has dedicated themselves to ensuring TCG is a responsible employer. We offer benefits that meet the needs of our staff (even the needs they didn’t realize they had), maintain a safe and desirable work environment, and base management decisions on an ethical framework.

We have all, in our own ways, been doing great things for the sake of others. After 15 years, we decided it was time to let the sun set on our old mission because it was simply too small for a company of our size and with our reach. It’s time for a mission that matches the magnitude of our collective hearts and minds.

TCG’s mission is to improve the world around us, in big and little ways, every day.

TCGers are a force for positive change. From cleaning up riverbanks to composting, from tutoring children to building apps, TCGers look to serve the needs of others and improve the world around us.

We are eager to improve the world, but we know we can’t fix everything at once. So, as a company, we focus. Each year we will use Ranked Choice Voting to let TCGers select the one social cause we will support. That cause will then become a recurring theme in our volunteer work, fundraising initiatives, and other activities throughout the year.

In 2018, TCGers voted to support STEM Education for girls and minorities. STEM jobs are among the most in-demand and fastest growing careers in the country. Yet only 16% of American high school seniors are proficient in math and interested in a STEM career. Only about half of those students choose to work in a STEM-related career. What’s more, less than 20% of computer science graduates are women! Of the US workforce, only 9% of STEM workers are Black and just 7% are Hispanic. TCGers have rallied together to improve these statistics.

One of the first projects we worked on was creating Makey Makey inventions. Makey Makey is a tool and toy that allows users to connect everyday household items to a circuit board to create and control computer programs. We documented our inventions and turned them into activities books. The Makey Makey kits and activity books were donated to Let’s Go Boys and Girls, who gifted it to a middle school teacher at the Washington School for Girls. Here’s a video of few TCGers Makey Makey-ing all sorts of fun stuff at our 2018 All Hands Meeting.

TCGers have also been involved with local science fairs, participating as judges, scorekeepers, time keepers, operations support, and as sponsors. We’ve applied our expertise in web development to design and develop a website for a local robotics organization. Because of the website, the organization has enhanced their abilities to communicate with D.C. youth and donors.


Our new Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

By 2030, TCG will be a Top 100 company for doing good and being good, while doing well.

With a goal as lofty as improving the world, how will we know when the mission is complete? Well, you can never stop improving so, technically, the answer is: never. But we do have a goal. A Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG), in fact. Our BHAG is that by 2030, TCG will be a Top 100 company for doing good and being good, while doing well. What does this mean?

Do good

TCG is committed to being a good and responsible employer. TCG has established and continues to establish company policies that promote positive well-being for its employees and their families. We have programs to support work/life balance, flexibility, financial wellness, physical wellness, and professional development for TCGers. We’ve pledged to be a High-Road Employer and reject low-road business models that exploit employees and disregard the environment for the sake of profit. We’ll consider this goal accomplished when Fortune names us among the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Be good

TCG is committed to honest and ethical business practices. One of our core values is to be Fair, Honest, and Open. TCG wants to be a good steward to all of its stakeholders — government clients, employees, the local DC and technology community, the entrepreneurial community, and the environment. We embrace transparency in business operations and understand the responsibility we have to give back to the community that supports us. We will consider this goal accomplished when we show up on an appropriate list of the most ethical businesses. (We are still trying to find a good list that doesn’t appear to advocate buying one’s way onto it! Suggestions are welcome.)

Do well

TCG will be an example to other companies that it is possible to do good and be good while succeeding in business. All businesses need a steady funding stream in order to operate and grow. But that does not mean businesses should disregard their responsibilities to their employees, the environment, and their community in order to maximize their profit. We’ll consider this goal to be completed when we earn a place on the Washington Technology Top 100 list.

As evidence of our commitment to our mission, TCG is now a Certified B Corp. A Benefit Corporation’s mission includes producing positive outcomes for the public in addition to the standard revenue-based goals and shareholder profits. Unlike traditional corporations, B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their stakeholders (e.g., workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment) as well as revenue. Certified B Corps have proven that they maintain “the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.” Visit our dedicated page to learn more about our B Corp certification and how you can support our mission. Additionally, you can read our 2018 Annual Benefit Report to learn more about what we are doing to improve the world around us and changes we’re making to improve the company.