NGP meeting: March 11

Judging on several of my recent posts, I think I’ve become the grants community’s social secretary! Here’s another one for your diaries: The National Grants Partnership (NGP) meeting is on March 11th at the Department of Education in Washington, DC. You can register by e‑mailing Some of the topics and speakers are:

  • OMB Update — Marguerite Pridgen, OMB
  • Mandatory Grants Panel — Sheldon Edner, DOT; Mike Pellegrino,
  • FFATA — Terry Hurst, HHS
  • FFATA Subaward Pilot — Andrea Brandon, FFATA Subaward Pilot Chair, USDA/CSREES
  • State Response on Subaward Pilot – Denise Francis, State of Texas

2 responses to “NGP meeting: March 11

  1. Dave,
    I don’t know if this was a Freudian slip or not, but it’s Terry HURST, not Terry HURTS! Of course, Terry HAS been busy with FFATA so maybe we’re not too far off.

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