2010 Excellence.Gov Awards Top 20 Announced

Just received the good word from ACT-IAC that the top 20 finalists for this year’s Excellence.Gov Awards can be announced. So here goes…!

Each year, the Excellence.Gov Awards recognize the federal government’s best IT projects. This year’s theme, “Game Changers: Significant Improvements in Mission Delivery”, focuses on projects that have increased efficiently, made improvements in multiple stakeholder collaboration, leveraged technology and innovations and made enhancements in the customer experience.

Top 20 Excellence.Gov Award Finalists for 2010 are listed alphabetically by government agency then project name:

  • Army/PEO EIS, Installation Support Modules – Central Issue Facilities (ISM CIF)
  • Army/PEO EIS, Product Manager Movement Tracking System (PM MTS)
  • Army/PEO EIS, Standardized Transportable-Relocatable Main Communications Facility
  • DHS/CBP, Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)
  • DISA, Defense Connect Online (DCO)
  • DISA, Forge.mil
  • DoD, Next Generation – Automated Biometric Identification System v1.0 (NG-ABIS)
  • DoE, Implementing Virtualization to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Consolidate Data
  • EPA/OIC, Central Data Exchange (CDX) –www.FederalReporting.gov
  • GSA, IT Dashboard and USAspending.gov
  • HHS/CMS, Beneficiary Contact Center (BCC) Modernization Initiative
  • HHS/CMS, MyMedicare.gov Beneficiary Portal (MBP)
  • HHS/FHA, CONNECT Gateway for the Nationwide Health Information Network
  • LOC, The Library of Congress Experience
  • NDU, Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds
  • NIH/NIAID, NIAID Collaboration Portal Program
  • SSA, Health IT Initiative
  • State, Consular Consolidated Database (CCD)
  • Treasury/FMS, Governmentwide Accounting and Reporting Modernization Program (GWAMP)
  • USAF, United States Air Force — Logistics, Installations, and Mission Support – Enterprise View (LIMS-EV)

Congratulations to all the finalists! As a judge this year, I can certainly say that the judges enjoyed robust discussion on these nominations.

The top 5 will be announced at the award lunch on April 29th. You can register here. Looking forward to seeing you all there!