November 4, 2015

TCG Ranked on Inaugural Top Company Cultures List

Recognition presented by Entrepreneur and CultureIQ

TCG, Inc. announced that it has been named to Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list, which identifies U.S.-based businesses that exhibit high-performance cultures. The Top Company Cultures list includes TCG at number 12 among Medium Enterprises. TCG was recognized for creating an exceptional culture that drives employee engagement, exceeds employee expectations and directly impacts company success.

“We’ve found that the culture we instill throughout the company has a huge effect on our company’s ability to perform,” TCG’s President, Daniel Turner, explains. “Our people can get jobs almost anywhere they choose. But when people like working for TCG they do better work and choose to stay with the company. That benefits our company and our customers.”

The full list — a total of 75 companies categorized as small, medium, or large enterprises (25–49 employees, 50–99 employees and more than 100 employees) — is available at Core insights, behaviors, and attributes that have helped to shape the high-performing cultures exhibited by the top companies are shared alongside practices to help other companies work on their own workplace environments.

“Creating an entrepreneurial culture is a key priority for business leaders, yet no one until now has really assessed the role culture plays in success,” says Ray Hennessey, editorial director of “This ranking celebrates the dedication that all teams, from entry-level to the C‑suite, have in ensuring they are creating vibrant, healthy and sustainable work environments. That’s good for employees, investors and customers.”

The rankings for all companies were determined using CultureIQ’s methodology for measuring high-performance cultures. Employees at each company received a survey of 21 short, multiple-choice questions. The answers were used to assess a company’s strength across 10 core qualities of culture – performance focus, support and innovation, to name a few. These quality strength scores were combined with the employee Net Promoter Score to create a cumulative CultureIQ Score. The companies with the highest CultureIQ Scores became the Top Company Culture list in ranking order.

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