December 15, 2016

TCG President Daniel Turner Supports DC Bill 21–415 Universal Paid Leave Act

Statement attributable to: Daniel A. Turner, President and CEO, TCG, Inc.

“As president and CEO of a small business in Washington, DC, I strongly support DC Bill 21–415 Universal Paid Leave Act. The provisions outlined in the bill are in line with TCG’s core values and commitment to supporting employees.

“Having a baby, caring for an ill family member, or other personal crises are expected. As an employer, it is unwise to ignore the impact of these life events on employees. These events are disruptive to the employee, their team, and takes a toll on their family as well. It is in our best interest, as an employer, to give staff the time they need to attend to these personal needs and come back to work when they are best able to perform without significant distraction.

“As a small business owner, I foresee innumerable benefits to the Universal Paid Leave Act. The policy would make DC a more attractive city to work in, making it easier to recruit and retain highly-qualified staff. I am not concerned about the additional tax incurred because of the Universal Paid Leave Act. The cost is negligible when compared to the benefits to the company and staff.

“I urge City Council to swiftly pass B21-415 Universal Paid Leave Act.”


Daniel Turner testified to the DC City Council on February 11, 2016 regarding B21-415 Universal Paid Leave Act.