TCG’s Extra Effort in Making Employees Happy and Productive

by Chelsea Dicus, Proposal Writer/ Manager

As a TCG newcomer, I have limited exposure to Positively Distinct qualities of TCG within the minute details of processes or projects. However, Positively Distinct was positively what I was looking for when I applied to TCG. In the world of government contracting, it’s easy for companies to sit back and do things the way they’ve always been done–but retaining talent requires much more. TCG recognizes people work hard and create excellent products when given a healthy work-life balance. While everyone talks about work-life balance, few enforce the idea through their policies.

My first day at TCG, the CEO talked about how working more hours doesn’t necessitate greater accomplishment. In fact, Dan demonstrated how after 55 hours of work per week, productivity decreases so drastically that it negatively impacts the work product. That doesn’t mean that every week will be 40 hours, as workload fluctuates, but long weeks aren’t sustainable and lead to the detriment of company and employee. Pairing the ideal with reality, TCG offers the concept of Extra Effort (EE) to employees who work over 40 hours in a week, which is used as time off later. TCG also provides flexibility for using EE slowly (extended workouts/lunches) or in bulk (extra day on my Colorado vacation!).

Through this compromise, TCG shows appreciation by considering employees’ time both at and away from work. Instead of adhering to outdated ideas of hours-based productivity, TCG stands out as Positively Distinct by identifying ways to make employees happier and more effective.