Positively Distinct, everywhere, in many ways

Jamie Telfer’s vision of Positively Distinct

TCG is Positively Distinct. But what is Positively Distinct? We asked TCGers to tell us, and they did not disappoint, submitting facts, stories, images, and thoughts that they each felt reflected our company’s culture and ambition. We’ll profile them in more depth in future posts. Here’s a selection in the meantime.

There are Positively Distinct things happening around us all the time.

Positively Distinct facts about TCG:

  • Not sure if we’d want to advertise this one, but as a remote employee I have found that, when my webcam is properly aimed, wearing pants to work is basically optional. - David Stevenson
  • TCG has a rolling robot that can be “possessed” by remote employees who can’t make it physically to company events! Fun times for everyone! — Tige Nishimoto
  • My coworker’s LinkedIn profile picture is of himself in a pool with a laptop and a phone. When I did research on TCG before joining the company, I saw an article in the Washington Post (online) that named TCG #4  in small businesses for the highest ratings from their employees. This article had the pool picture, in all its glory, for the company profile. - Chelsea Dicus
  • Prizes at company meetings include stacks of $2 bills. - Aaron Pollon

TCGers have been logging Positively Distinct achievements by their coworkers:

  • Jose Mendez: “For continuing to be the glue that holds all of the pieces together from client expectations to requirements to development to testing by listening attentively in meetings and offering thoughtful guidance to everyone, all while remaining calm and respectful.” — Kim Pohland
  • Michelle Bacon: “For a thoughtful and well-prepared onboarding session.” - Matthew Smith
  • Robert Bruce: “For leadership that inspires us to grow beyond limitations and exceed expectations; to be simply awesome!” - Eric Arterson (seconded by Kim Aguirre and George Hughes!)

And the image above was selected by our own Jamie Telfer!

It’s clear that Positively Distinct things are happening all around us, all the time. We simply have to notice and, at TCG, we bring Positively Distinct experiences to our customers, employees, partners, and country.