TCG’s Brian Ibbison Featured in Federal Computer Week Rising Star Profile

Brian Ibbison, who is a technical and project lead with TCG, has been featured in a Rising Star Award profile in Federal Computer Week. Brian’s receipt of this award represents the third year in a row that a TCG team member has been recognized as a Federal Computer Week Rising Star. Click here to read the profile.

One response to “TCG’s Brian Ibbison Featured in Federal Computer Week Rising Star Profile

  1. This is right up my alley, sort of. For starters, let me exlipan my position . I work part time with the Consulting group. I do a lot of projects working with others on my team. However, some of my more routine tasks include managing the content of the Consulting website, answering student emails through Parature on evenings and weekends. I do all of that off site. I come to the office on Thursdays for weekly staff meetings and to spend time in the Consulting help desk office. There are several pros to my situation, I definitely agree with the ones you listed I get a lot of work done in dedicated amounts of time with little distraction. I don t have to get that lovely Septa trailpass and spend an extra two hours in commute time everyday, I can certainly handle, in fact enjoy the two hour commute on Thursdays. My group is great in keeping me in the loop through email and IM. Sometimes when I am working over the weekend or at night, I may see an issue that needs to be addressed before the next business day. As for cons, there are a few, not many, but a few. I do miss the office chatter at times. Issues creep up quickly around the Consulting office, sometimes I don t hear about them in real time like those who are there. There is a lot of bonding and teamwork that happens when co-workers sit next to each other in the same office. I miss that bonding from time to time.

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