New Resources to Roll-out and Mature TBM at Federal Agencies

The General Services Administration (GSA) and Department of Education (ED) recently published a TBM Playbook, calling for seven activities they consider key to starting a successful TBM program. The playbook is a compilation of best practices and lessons learned from rolling out TBM at ED.

Not surprisingly, the authors at GSA and ED discovered similar challenges to kickstarting TBM and has established best practices that are similar to TCG’s 6 Steps to Implementing TBM for Federal Agencies. TCG played a central role in supporting the roll-out of TBM across the Federal government. Our consultants helped create the policies agencies are now using to improve their management of IT investments. Our insights into IT spend data underpinned government’s evolution towards TBM.

The GSA playbook is a good resource for agencies seeking information about proper TBM implementation. We recommend the Playbook as well as the 6 Steps to Implementing TBM for Federal Agencies so that federal leaders have a well-rounded understanding of TBM in practice, learn different perspectives on the matter, considerations to make, and learn from others’ experiences.

Among the activities outlined in both documents is goal-setting to mature your TBM program. As maturity is the natural progression after initial implementation is complete, we’ve elaborated on the matter of TBM maturity. TCG has created a TBM Maturity Model specifically designed for federal agencies interested in improving their use of TBM methodology. The model shows a path towards improvement in TBM processes, technology use, data analytics, budget and performance, and leadership. Additionally, we’re publishing a series of white papers that take deep dives into how to mature practices in each of these focus areas. Each white paper provides worksheets, assessments, and other tools to help you understand your investments and create a roadmap for improvement.

The papers are available for free download on our website, or can subscribe to our mailing list to have TBM resources delivered directly to your inbox as they become available.