October 7, 2015

TCG Recognized as Top Adoption-friendly Workplace

Further proves that TCG “Values our families.”

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the only national nonprofit charity dedicated solely to finding permanent homes for children in foster care, has recognized TCG on its annual list of the nation’s 100 most adoption-friendly workplaces. TCG ranks 3rd among all small U.S. businesses adoption benefits, and 63rd overall businesses.

TCG was recognized for the company’s adoption assistance program. Full-time TCG-ers who adopt a child are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $7,500 per adoption to help cover legal fees, court costs, adoption agency fees, and travel expenses. This new benefit is in addition to TCG’s three-week parental leave (paid time off) for adoptions, plus up to 12 weeks of leave without pay (and more for DC residents). The adoption assistance is available immediately to all who qualify.

The brains behind this benefit, TCG’s President Daniel Turner, explained why this type of benefit is important. “I think adopting a child is amazing. In addition to the whole ‘raising a child’ thing, which is itself not easy, adoption has significant societal benefits. I want to make it a little easier to do that. I hope that offering this benefit accomplishes that goal.”

About Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is driven by a single goal: finding a loving family for every child waiting in foster care to get adopted. We are America’s only national nonprofit charity dedicated solely to finding permanent homes for the more than 100,000 children in foster care. Created in 1992 by Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, who was adopted as a child, the Foundation works to provide grants to national and regional adoption organizations for programs that raise awareness and make adoption easier and more affordable.