August 17, 2020

TCG Appoints Antoinette Merrill as CFO Extraordinaire

Antoinette Merrill, TCG CFOTCG is excited to announce that Antoinette Merrill has been appointed as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Ms. Merrill is an experienced financial executive with vast expertise in accounting, a keen understanding of financial compliance and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), a love of risk management, and the ability to assess strategic operations at a glance — generally all the things one looks for in a kickin’ CFO.

In addition to leading TCG’s efforts in these areas, Ms. Merrill will also oversee the company’s B Corp status; lend her extensive financial and business expertise to TCG’s strategic planning process; and manage, coach, and support the Accounting, HR, and Contracts teams already in place at TCG.

Prior to joining TCG, Ms. Merrill served as CFO of Summit Consulting, LLC, a quantitative management and consulting firm, where she was responsible for compliance, launching cloud-based finance and project management systems, and assessing and establishing standard operating procedures and key performance indicators to track operational performance. Summit is a great company and TCG has enjoyed working with them from time to time.

“We are very excited to have Ms. Merrill join our executive team,” said Daniel Turner, President of TCG. “As we grow as a company, we need someone to be our Chief Worrier — someone who will oversee all the scary parts of the business, and can give us the comfort that it’s all in good hands. This will give us the grounding to ensure we can do great things for our clients, be a great company for our employees, and greatly benefit our communities and the world. She’s grrrrreat!”

Ms. Merrill received her Masters of Business Administration from George Mason University and her Bachelors of Accountancy from the University of San Diego, but we won’t be holding her choice(s) of major against her. She has been spending her quarantine time with her horses and her musically-named dogs.