October 22, 2020

Subcontractors Applaud TCG’s Prime Performance in Annual Survey

TCG conducts an annual Partner Survey to ensure the company meets its commitment to collaborative, fair, honest, and open relationships with its subcontractors. To determine how TCG can improve its relationships with subcontractors and service to customers, TCG asks partners to rate the company on corporate performance, contract management, effectiveness of communications, administrative competence, and other factors. In the 11th annual survey, conducted from June to August 2020, 100% of TCG’s partner companies voiced their opinions.

Key takeaways this year include:

  • 96% of Partners rate TCG as demonstrating “excellent” or “good” communication (up from 86%)
  • 100% of Partners agreed that TCG is aware of what is happening on the projects (up from 95%)
  • Partners rated TCG 9 out of 10 on “would recommend TCG to a friend” (same as 2019)
  • Net Promoter Score increased to 78 (from 72) and 87% of Partners are considered “Promoters” (up from 77%)

While the majority of the survey was overwhelmingly positive, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Partners reported that TCG has room to improve in key areas such as timekeeping procedures and systems.

“With honest feedback and open collaboration, we aim to develop the procedures, policies, and tools that deliver the best capabilities in our industry into client projects,” said Daniel Turner, TCG President. “That’s why the annual Partner Survey is so critical to our future. TCG’s success in serving our clients — and in business — relies on these relationships.”

All feedback was shared with TCG management, and actions were assigned across the company to build on the positives and address the negatives. As a growing small business, TCG relies on continual improvement to solidify its position as the industry’s most-valued federal IT prime contractor.