December 11, 2018

Initial Findings from “Project Bullseye: Targeting New Shared Service Opportunities Throughout Government” Presented to ACT-IAC

On December 6, TCG Vice President Dave Cassidy updated the ACT-IAC Shared Services Community of Interest on “Project Bullseye: Targeting New Shared Service Opportunities Throughout Government,” which is identifying government mission areas that could be aided by new shared services. With participation from industry and government, the project team is now seeking additional volunteers to conduct executive interviews and further research.

Dave reported the group’s initial findings, including the five shared service candidates that will now undergo further investigation and research [presentation available here]. The project ultimately aims to incubate three new shared services in host agencies.

The five shared service candidates identified are:

  • Government-wide Training Platform & Content
  • Infrastructure Permitting Collaboration Platform
  • Data Governance, Research, and Analytics
  • Technology Transfer Portal
  • Inspections-as-a-Service

The complete research report, together with draft implementation plans, is expected to be published in summer 2019. For more information on Project Bullseye, including the available volunteer opportunities, contact Dave at or 202–742-8471.