We’re aiming to save taxpayers $1 billion by 2011

We just announced our new company goal: To save taxpayers $1 billion by 2011!  You can read all about it on our Web site.  To create this goal and track our progress we’ve spent the better part of this year creating metrics and seeing how we’ve done so far.  In the last seven years we’ve saved $75 million for the taxpayer.  That’s $10.7 million per year, when our revenues were a fraction of that.  Not bad going! 

We’re committed to tracking our progress right here, at Behind the Curtain at TCG, to see just how difficult this will prove to be and (as stated in the press release) “to create broader discussion and interest in ways that government can improve its operations and efficiency.”  So what do you think of this goal?  How have YOU saved taxpayers money by delivering goods and services to the government, or by being a part of the government workforce?