We like it when the government saves money

TCG has a corporate goal of saving the US taxpayer $1 billion by 2016, by improving how government works. So we love it when we see news like this, showing how the government is saving $100 million in budget cuts for FY 2009 and $140 million for FY 2010 by using a little tangential thinking and a sharpened pencil.

We’ve established how TCG’s staff and projects have saved the government over $164 million so far, and that number is rising every quarter. Pretty soon we’re going to publish the details of some of those savings, and they mirror the kinds of things mentioned in this article — distributing documents electronically, switching to more cost-efficient resources, and so on.

If you have ideas for how we can help the government save our taxpayer dollars while meeting the goals of the administration, let us know in the comments below!