Warning re Grants.gov’s expected high submission volume

Just got this from Vince Sprouls at Grants.gov, via the NGP. Take heed!

Due to high volume of submissions expected through Grants.gov due to multiple agency closings through June 5 the response time for processing applications may be longer than usual.

Applicants: Please try to submit your applications prior to the closing to avoid the times of peak volume. Remember that it may take up to 48 hours for your submission to be processed through Grants.gov. Please wait 48 hours before contacting the contact center if you do not receive email notifications. Also, please allow applications to complete processing prior to submitting Changed/Corrected applications. For further information, please visit our FAQs or the Track Your Application page.

Agencies: It may take longer than usual for applications to be available for retrieval after they are submitted by the applicant. While Grants.gov is usually able to process applications faster, its service standard is 48 hours. Please be patient and encourage your applicants to do the same during this period. Also, email notifications may take longer to be sent out than usual.

This message has also been placed on our home page and sent out on our S2S listserv.


Vince Sprouls

Grants.gov Program Advisor