Transparency Act Subaward Pilot — updated details

This meeting will be on May 14th, from 2–4pm. The call-in details have been updated. (If you subscribe to the Grants Management Events Calendar you’d already have the updated details in your calendar! Click here to automagically subscribe to the calendar using Outlook/iCal/Lightning/your preferred calendaring application.) Here’s the skinny:

There is a new call-in number and code, thanks to the support of Terry Hurst and HHS. If you have not already registered for this call, please do so now at:

Those who plan to attend in person, must register for security reasons. We will meet at Potomac Center Plaza, 550 12th St, SW, Room 7105.

* Use L’Enfant Plaza Metro Exit, walk up D St SW to 12th St SW, or

* Smithsonian Metro, Exit Independence Ave. SW, walk down 12th St SW

TELECONFERENCE: 1–877-985‑0932, Participant Code: 895294