A TBM Maturity Model for Federal Agencies

It has only been two budget cycles since the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer (OFCIO) at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) changed the IT budgeting process to be based on Technology Business Management (TBM) methodology. TBM holds great promise for the management of technology throughout the Federal Government. However, this is a major change to CIO and CFO shops government-wide. Some agencies were able to make the transition with few bumps in the road while others, understandably, have much more work left to do.

TCG has created a TBM Maturity Model to help agencies go from nascent TBM implementation to fully leveraging the value that TBM can bring to a government agency. The Maturity Model helps agencies assess the status of TBM implementation at their organization, shine a light on gaps, and define a pathway to maturity based on common, proven solutions. The Maturity Model looks at:

  • Leadership: How the agency uses TBM to inform whether decisions at the highest level are producing value and produce policies and procedures to ensure proper guidance and oversight;
  • Budget & Performance: How the organization derives value from its investment in TBM;
  • Data Analytics: How well data is managed and “put to work” within an agency by supporting decision-making through automated reporting, improved data quality, and increased insights using advanced data tools;
  • Technology: How well technology is leveraged to further automate processes and make information easily available to business users and other decision-makers; and
  • TBM Process: How well processes are integrated and streamlined across other organizations within the agency.


In the coming weeks, we will publish detailed white papers on each level of the Maturity Model. We will provide criteria for evaluating the entities in each focus area, at each level of maturity, and recommend guidelines for how your agency can make improvements. Using the Maturity Model and accompanying guidance on how to apply it will enable your agency to identify gaps in your metrics, connect common issues with effective solutions, create an actionable plan to achieve maturity, and track progress against your agency’s goals.

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