OMB GMLOB guidance released for Q1 FY08

Thanks to Jerry Ashworth at Thompson Publishing, editor of the Federal Grants Management Handbook (disclosure: I’m a member of the Handbook Advisory Board), for pointing me toward the site where OMB’s latest guidance has been posted. This is the guidance that agencies need to meet the Q1 FY08 milestone to sign an MOU with a GMLOB consortia lead or file an appeal. The files are also available here:

  1. Consortium+Selection+Appeals+Guidance+Final‑4.doc
  2. Consortium+Selection+Appeals+Request+Form+Final‑1.doc
  3. FitGap+and+Appeals+Guidance+FAQs+10.12.2007.doc

I intend to review these a little later, and post some additional thoughts about the kinds of information agencies will need to make a full determination of fit/gaps.