More on Asterisk and IntuitiveVoice Evolution

Want to change the conference line access number in Asterisk/Intuitive Voice Evolution? It’s not all that easy if you don’t want the conference line to be something not in the 14000–15000 range.

We like to have a nice long conference line access code, like 4859282. It decreases the probability that someone will guess it and use our conference line (not that that’s all that likely anymore, what with and all that, but still it would annoy me).  So how do we do that?

We have to mess with the database again. Going back to my blog posting in March 2008, we learn the steps to get into the database. Do the following:

  1. SSH into the box (got the root password from Intuitive Voice).
  2. Become root, if you’re not already.
  3. /etc/init.d/mysqld stop (we need to get into the database without a password)
  4. mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables & (this will restart the database but make it so passwords are not required. Yay security!)
  5. mysql asterisk_config (going into the correct database)
  6. Find rows of ast_config where var_val contains the conference line number Evolution created for you. I use this SQL: select * from ast_config where var_val like “%14000%”; (or whatever the conference line I want to change is.
  7. Using the “id” tag as the unique identifier (it is unique), change all the var_val lines that reference that conference line. SQL for
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,10,Goto(20)” where id=140624;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,9,Macro(pause)” where id=140623;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,7,Macro(callrecord,${CUT(CHANNEL„1):4})” where id=140621;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,8,Set(__MONITOR_FILENAME=/var/www/html/monitor/${UNIQUEID})” where id=140622;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,6,Macro(reporting)” where id=140620;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,5,Set(__STATUS=ANSWERED)” where id=140619;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,4,Set(__DESTINATION=)” where id=140618 ;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,Conf5,0” where id=140613;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,1,2” where id=140614;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,1,Set(__DIALED=${EXTEN})” where id=140615;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,2,Set(__TYPE=INTERNAL)” where id=140616;
    • update ast_config set var_val=“4859282,3,Set(__SOURCE=${CUT(CHANNEL„1):4})” where id=140617;
  8. /etc/init.d/mysqld stop (stop the unprotected mysql instance)
  9. /etc/init.d/mysqld start (start the good one)
  10. Go into the web interface and restart the PBX (not necessary to reboot)
  11. Give it a shot.