Learn about Recovery.gov at NGMA lunch, April 1st

I just got word that the NGMA is hosting a training session called “The Stimulus Bill & Grants Management: Tracking and Reporting Requirements” on April 1st. Earl Warrington, Program Manager for Recovery.gov and Director of the Integrated Acquisition Environment at GSA, will be the speaker. (This is a change from NGMA’s originally-scheduled March 11th meeting.) Here’s the program overview:

“On February 17th, President Obama signed into law The American Recovery & Reinvestment
Act of 2009 (ARRA) committing $787 billion in appropriations for State and local fiscal stabilization, infrastructure investment, job preservation and creation, energy efficiency and science, and assistance to the unemployed.
1. Federal agencies must provide data on how they are using the AARA money, and
2. The prime recipients of Federal funding must provide information on how they are using their Federal funds.
During this training program, attendees will learn about Recovery.gov, the site that was established to track and report on progress of the expenditure of AARA funds, including information about Federal grants awards, formula grant allocations and associated reporting.”

To register, go to www.ngma.org and complete the form available there or RSVP to leonard@ngma.org, by noon on March 29th You can also see the event via recorded webcast, starting April 3rd. (Full disclosure: TCG provides the NGMA’s webcast service.)

See you there!