KTvid lives! Affordable mobile two-way video now available

Our friends at KT-Tech have just released KTvid, a really-very-cool mobile video technology aimed at consumers and businesses. Their press release says it best:

KT-Tech has accomplished what no other company in the wireless industry has achieved: enabling real-time, high-quality, person-to-person video chat communication on today’s cell phones using mainstream narrowband (2.5G) cellular networks.

KTvid delivers:

— Smooth, two-way videoconferencing in the palm of your hand.

— Patented technology: carrier-independent and network-independent (CDMA or GSM).

— Person-to-person videoconferencing on today’s narrow-bandwidth 2.5G cellular networks [No need for 3G].

— True peer-to-peer (no server)

— Video chat on mobile devices and cell phones powered by Windows Mobile Professional (5.0/ 6.0/6.1), and Windows XP/Vista PCs.

This really is “Dick Tracy” type stuff. Rather than texting with your friends, you could see and chat with them on your phone! Some of our folks have helped KT-Tech with this, and we’re insanely proud (to paraphrase Steve Jobs) of their collective accomplishment.

The big question is: Who’ll be the first to do something way-cool with this technology?