GMLOB alliances: The story so far

There has been much chattering and buzz about the fact that OMB should be providing GMLOB MOU feedback to agencies soon…if not having done so already. If you recall, agencies had to submit Memoranda of Understanding with GMLOB providers to OMB at the end of last year. OMB pledged to get responses to those MOU’s to agencies by mid-February, so that’s what everyone seems to be eagerly anticipating at the moment. The major question that comes up is: Who has aligned with whom? I’ve heard many rumors about who’s aligned with whom, who appealed, who didn’t submit an MOU, and so on. All very intriguing and delightful but there’s a definite scarcity of facts, as far as I can determine.

What we do know is who was already aligned with each provider. Alice Stewart of Management Concepts handily compiled this run-down of GMLOB providers and customers from the publicly available information:


Treasury, Transportation, State, EPA, IMLS, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, Denali Commission, and the Veterans Administration [other HHS operating divisions are not included in the list as they are consolidating under a separate HHS policy]



Education G5

None known

And now we wait to see what comes out of the MOU process…