A New Path Forward

For more than 15 years, TCG’s mission was to “Save Time.”

This mission dictated our responsibility to everyone we encountered, including our clients, taxpayers, colleagues, communities, and families. It inspired our award-winning telework policy and our continually-improving software engineering and quality management initiatives.

But by the end of 2017, we suspected our mission might not be quite right.

It was a great mission when we were a smaller company. Saving time is relatively easy to do, it’s very important, and it gives meaning to a lot of the processes and systems we had adopted. But the TCG of today isn’t the TCG of 2001. We are substantially larger, with more clients in more places, and an order of magnitude more employees and therefore multiple orders of magnitude more reach. We needed a purpose that was bigger and more important.

When we reflected on TCG’s 24 years of work, we realized something fundamental: TCGers have been a force for positive change in our respective communities, our customer’s organizations, and our country as a whole. And we realized that this should inform TCG’s mission.

So TCG’s new mission is to “Improve the world around us, in big and little ways, every day.“ 

To announce our new mission, TCG had an employee appreciation celebration on March 24th. TCGers came together to celebrate their collective achievements over the past year and to make plans for the year to come.

During the celebration, revelers voted on a social cause that we as a company will support throughout the year. Among the social causes TCGers considered were STEM education for girls and minorities, supporting the military and our veterans, emergency preparedness, support for refugee families coming to the U.S., and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington. When all the votes are counted, we will announce the winner and roll out the ways in which we will work to fix the world. While we know that we can’t solve all of the problems related to any of our potential causes, we also know that we can make a positive impact in our community and those supported through our efforts.

Watch for announcements about upcoming opportunities to support our cause. If you would like to get involved in our volunteer or other service activities in support of our mission, contact happiness@tcg.com.