1512 Reporting Extended until January 22, 2010

Just got this release via Cornelia Chebinou of the NGP…

Recovery Act Reporting Period Extended until January 22, 2010

WASHINGTON—The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, acting to provide the public with as complete a picture as possible of Recovery Act spending, has decided to allow recipients to submit reports until midnight, PST, January 22.

The change gives an additional week to recipients to get their reports filed at FederalReporting.gov. This is the second reporting period under the Recovery program, and recipient data will be posted on Recovery.gov on January 30.

In a statement, the Recovery Board, consisting of Chairman Earl E. Devaney and 12 Inspectors General, said:

“An overarching goal of the Recovery Act is to make data available to the American public that is as complete and accurate as possible. Several significant changes have been made to the reporting process that appear to have impacted recipients’ ability to submit timely reports. These changes include the release of revised reporting guidance by the Office of Management and Budget and implementation of edit checks designed to increase the accuracy of the data being reported.

“These changes, coupled with the reporting period coinciding with a national holiday period, led to the decision to extend reporting until January 22. Recipient reports submitted after January 15, the previous deadline, will be identified on Recovery.gov as late.’’