September 25, 2007

TCG Aims to Save Taxpayers $1 Billion by 2011

Company committed to creating value and efficiencies to benefit the nation

Washington, DC, September 25, 2007: TCG, a leading government technology strategy and IT company, announced today that it has committed itself to saving US taxpayers $1 billion by 2011. TCG has built this ambitious goal into its corporate strategy, and will report its progress towards this goal quarterly, at 

The concept came from our work in grants management and supporting scientific communities,” said Daniel Turner, President of TCG. “Government overhead costs reduce the amounts available to fund airports, agriculture, economic development, and research into cancer, neuroscience, and biological weapons defense. We’ve always focused on helping government embrace the power of technology to better serve the nation, and now we’ve started paying attention to whether we can save taxpayers’ money while we do it. We know that we’ve already saved the government about $75,000,000, based on the work we’ve completed over the last 7 years. That’s $10.7 million per year, when our revenues were a fraction of that amount.”

TCG is involving every employee in this goal. In the company’s first quarter, every member of staff contributed three candidate metrics that track how much money the company is saving US taxpayers. These include money saved by eliminating duplicative systems development, having meetings via teleconference instead of in person, and reducing the amount of paper the government needs to track and store. In the second quarter, each employee generated to-date measurements of savings, and in this quarter each project will recommend one or more methods to save money.

Savings include :

  • Utilization of COTS or GOTS software as the basis of our development solutions:

              o Project 1: $1,220,000
              o Project 2: $1,508,000

  • Creating a system for automatically running and monitoring backups: $42,120/yr
  • Fixing bad email addresses automatically before sending mass mailings: $40,430/yr
  • Having conference calls instead of in-person meetings for one project: $28,710/yr
  • Using “virtual machines” rather than new hardware: $600/yr
  • Implementing Six Sigma processes at a client: $350,000
  • Enabling an agency to get grant applications from versus paper receipt: $109,786/yr

The company said that it plans to detail its efforts to save $1 billion on its blog, at, to create broader discussion and interest in ways that government can improve its operations and efficiency. “Imagine if every company did this — the benefit to the country would be immeasurable,” Mr. Turner exulted.

About TCG
TCG (Turner Consulting Group,, a Washington, DC-based company, is a business process and IT advisory services company with a focus on grants management and scientific community support.

TCG helps government agencies use the power of the Internet and the Web to better interact with the public, and to generate internal cost savings and efficiencies. TCG projects have won awards for their groundbreaking achievements: TCG piloted the first inter-agency grants management system, and created the first inter-agency Web-based government system to receive secure information from the general public.
TCG was one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the United States in 2001, as ranked by Inc. magazine. The firm has been on Washington Technology’s Fast 50. The company was SEI-assessed at Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 2 in April 2004.

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