September 10, 2015

SmartCEO Awards TCG’s Culture

TCG raises pinky in celebration

TCG is happy to announce their selection as one of SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture award winners. The Corporate Culture Awards recognizes companies across industry that “foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture that has helped them enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage.” Winners were chosen by an independent committee of local business leaders.

TCG is recognized for its efforts to make TCG employees’ lives better. Aside from fair pay, above industry-standard benefits, and transparency from executive management down, TCG has instituted several initiatives to improve its culture. Since January of this year, the company added initiatives such as:

  • Back-up Child Care: White House Nannies can be called in as needed so staff can manage emergencies.
  • TCG Book Club: Through, TCG has made available over 150 books that employees can order at no charge, read, and report on.
  • Capital Bike Share: Free memberships.
  • Charity Sprees: TCG Sprees — events funded by TCG and hosted by TCG employees for their peers — have been so successful that we extended our employee-led adventures to giving back to the community. Each month $1,000 is made available for any employee to fund an activity to support a not-for-profit endeavor.
  • IncentFit: With this mobile app that tracks fitness activities, TCG created company-wide fitness challenges. For example, the person who takes the most steps in a month or goes to the gym most often receives a prize.
  • Free Shoes: For those employees that walk to work, they are now afforded free pairs of walking shoes twice a year.
  • Pet Insurance: This insurance covers everything from accidents and illness to cancer, emergency care, genetic conditions, and more.
  • Adoption Assistance: Full-time employees are eligible for up to $7,500 to adopt a child to help cover legal fees, court costs, adoption agency fees, and travel expenses.
  • Telemedicine through MylifePERX: 24/7/365 ability to talk to a doctor by video, phone, or email. This perk helps those with high deductibles avoid so many trips to the doctor’s office and is perfect for late-night emergencies like a sick child.

These perks are on top of our popular TCG Sprees, theater/sports/events ticket giveaways, DC Metro matching funds, and more.

“Our employees are our most valuable resource,” TCG’s President, Dan Turner explains. “The culture we maintain is designed to benefit them and keep them as healthy and as happy as possible. Without them, there would be no TCG. In my eyes, considering the amount of themselves that our employees put into their work, we can’t do enough for them.”

Winners of the Corporate Culture Awards will be honored at a ceremony in Silver Spring, Maryland, on December 1st.

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