Smart grants management professionals needed!

(Dumb ones should not apply.) I got this lovely note from Torryn Brazell of the National Grants Management Association about the Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) certification that’s being set-up now. NGMA is looking for volunteers to help define the Grants Management Body of Knowledge (GMBOK). I think Torryn’s words say it better than I could and, as I’m a big proponent of reuse (!), here they are, together with the presentation she gave to the Department of State last week:

[This large PowerPoint file is] the latest presentation re the Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) credentialing program. It is a new presentation showing all what has been completed with the GMBOK, timelines, etc.  We will be needing 1000+ grants management professionals to volunteer to validate the GMBOK this summer as well as rate the different job tasks that come out of the GMBOK.  We have 1,400+ in our database, but always need more.

If your blog readers are interested, they can be added to the National Grants Management Certification Council’s database (this is the independent group that is administering the CGMS program) by sending their information to – this will get them into the email pipeline on CGMS developments.

So if you’re equipped, capable, and interested in helping define the credentials of excellence in grants management, get in touch with Torryn and crew!