What challenges do small regulatory agencies face?


Complex regulations shift rapidly as new policies and technologies emerge.


Essential data streams cut across diverse industries and other government agencies.


Intense public scrutiny on mission delivery.


Missions that simultaneously involve enforcement, grant making, rulemaking, inspections,
and more.


Steep disparity in resources between themselves and the industries they regulate.

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How TCG Supports Regulatory Agencies

TCG specializes in working with regulatory agencies. We understand the vital work these agencies do to enforce regulations while ensuring that citizens and private industry have safe, reliable access to services and resources.

  • Agile Application and Software Development
  • Cloud Services
  • Digital Transformation
  • AI
  • Low Code Solutions

Cloud Solutions


The FCC regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, and is responsible for implementing and enforcing America’s communications law and regulations. To ensure the public has a voice in these regulations, the FCC solicits public comments through the Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS).

In 2021, TCG helped the FCC to modernize this system and made sending, receiving, and analyzing this information easier, accessible, and more secure for the public and FCC staff. The FCC often receives a lot of comments, and ECFS ensures that the agency can manage them efficiently.

Data Management

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

TCG provides support to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM). PRISM identifies and immobilizes commercial motor carriers that are prohibited from operating due to a Federal Out-of-Service (OOS) Order.

TCG provides support for the technical aspects of data flow from a large truck database— with PRISM serving as a connection point between states and FMCSA.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Application Development


TCG develops data applications, which visualize, interpret, store, and monitor historic and live market data. The applications offer easy to digest snapshots of stock market data and help the SEC detect potential patterns of financial wrongdoing.

TCG’s development process is driven by Agile best practices, which help the team maintain a high quality of service for all applications.

Agile Delivery
TCG’s Agile approach promotes effective collaboration with customers to identify their business needs, eliminate wasted effort, and drive consistent delivery of applications and software that improve mission delivery.
Cloud Services
Through cloud technology, TCG modernizes government services for improved availability, scalability, and security. We have configured and deployed cloud environments for mission-critical applications on platforms such as AWS, Cloud.gov, and Microsoft Azure.
Webinar: Harnessing Transparent AI
There is a lot of noise around ChatGPT and LLM. Can Federal agencies use them? Can they be trusted? This webinar will cut through the noise and showcase real-world, practical examples of how trustworthy AI can help federal Agencies save time and money across complex workflows and mission areas.