September 25, 2018

TCG’s Lynette Hornung Understands the Least Understood Link in Security – The Human

Presenting at the COSAC Information Security Conference

Lynette Hornung, Senior Privacy and Security Architecture Manager at TCG, is presenting at the COSAC Information Security Conference in Naas, Ireland, September 30th–October 4th.

The presentation – Understanding the Least Understood Link in Security: The Human – will describe the complex relationship between the human and machine when making decisions, and will explain how it impacts the security environment. The presentation will examine the human security relationship from several points of view, including the commonalities and differences between humans and machines, looking at Artificial Intelligence and its impact on security, and understanding the human brain from biology to decisions.

Hornung provides cybersecurity consultation to TCG’s clients, which includes some of the most sensitive agencies in government. She has over 20 years of experience in information security and privacy, and certifications including Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) Foundation and Chartered Foundation (SCF), Practitioner (SCPA), Architectural Design and Practitioner (SCPR) in Risk Assurance and Governance, and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP-US). She has worked with a variety of federal agencies providing enterprise security architecture, computer security, and privacy solutions and services.

Hornung is co-presenting with Esther van Luit, a Senior Security Consultant for Deloitte (Netherlands), Helvi Salminen, Information Security Manager, Gemalto (Finland) and Char Sample, Research Fellow, ICF Army Research Labs (USA).

About COSAC & and the SABSA World Congress
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