January 4, 2011

Executive Leaders Radio Issues Case Study about TCG’s Dan Turner

A Business Success Story Based on “Delegating by Design”

Washington, DC, January 4, 2011: – Executive Leaders Radio, which airs on Washington, DC’s WHFS 1580 AM, has issued a case study about TCG President Dan Turner. The case study, which highlights how Mr. Turner built TCG into the success story that it is today by “delegating by design,” is a complement to an interview that featured Mr. Turner on the show on June 5, 2010. Both the case study and the original audiocast of the entire program are available on the Executive Leaders Radio website. The interview with Mr. Turner starts around 38 minutes into the audiocast.

About TCG
TCG is an award-winning small business that specializes in tailored information technology solutions and advisory services with a particular focus on grants management, collaboration platforms, and budget formulation and execution.  TCG transforms information technology infrastructures and inconsistent processes to integrated environments built on reusable functionality, consistent business processes, and interoperable infrastructures. The multiple awards that TCG and its clients have received demonstrate the benefits of using best practices such as CMMI, ITIL, and PMBOK to meet complex technology and management needs.

TCG’s company goal is to save the US taxpayer $1 billion by 2016. So far the company has saved the government in excess of $265 million by automating once-costly processes, using time-saving and money-saving processes in developing code, helping the government restructure its business processes, and paying careful attention to the company’s own expenses on contracts.

About Executive Leaders Radio
Executive Leaders Radio conducts “elite interviews” of prominent CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs and Presidents focusing on “what makes people tick.”

The ten to twenty-five minute on-air interviews are really informal POSITIVE conversations. Guests may be asked about their background education, influences, mentors and early career experiences, asked about their business, what they do and who they serve. They may be asked about opportunities ahead, challenges they have faced or their senior management team. Interests outside of work, personal turning points and family sacrifices capture the unique human aspect behind these prominent leaders.

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