October 18, 2018

TCG’s Partners Give the Company High Marks for the 9th Year

Annual subcontractor survey highlights TCG’s commitment to robust partner relationships

WASHINGTON, DC: The results of TCG’s annual subcontractor survey demonstrate that TCG continues to uphold one of its key corporate values by being fair, honest and open with its partners. Every year, TCG asks its subcontractors to rate the company on corporate performance, contract management, effectiveness of communications, administrative competence, and other factors. The goal of the survey is to highlight how the company can improve its relationships with subcontractors and service to customers.

96% of TCG’s Partners rate us as an “excellent’ or “good” prime contractor Overall, TCG’s subcontractors gave the company a rating of 9.4/10 on whether they would recommend us to a friend. This represented a 3% increase from the prior year and is TCG’s highest rating achieved in the past nine years. The company received high praise for its management processes and responsiveness. Other highlights included:

  • Partners rated TCG 9.04/10 relative to other prime contractors
  • 96% said TCG is an excellent or good prime contractor
  • 100% said TCG is aware of what is happening on our project
  • 100% said TCG listens to project team members and responds appropriately
  • 96% said they are always paid on time
  • 100% of partners said TCG always or often acts promptly on issues of team well-being
  • 96% said TCG has excellent or good communications with subcontractors

On his review of the survey results, Dan Turner, TCG’s President said, “The annual survey is a critical tool for us. We use it to help us evaluate and measure our processes and relationships with our partners. We appreciate open and honest lines of communications with our partners, so when the surveys highlights areas for improvement we address them enthusiastically. For example, last year we heard our partners wanted more face-to-face information sharing sessions. As a result, this year we had regularly scheduled pipeline-sharing meetings with our key subcontractors. I expect we’ll continue to invest more in partner relationship management as our customers demand an even broader range of expertise on our projects.”

The survey was conducted June-to-September 2018. This year, subcontractors mentioned they appreciated the touchpoints throughout the year and encouraged TCG to continue with timely communication.

TCG appreciates the time our partners took to complete the annual survey. And, we hope, our partners appreciated the fancy brownies we sent them as a thank you for their participation!