October 28, 2019

10 Years and Counting: TCG’s Partner Survey Continues to Provide Critical Insights

TCG has completed its 10th annual partner survey. This is a key component of the company’s ongoing commitment to ethical, honest, and productive collaborations with partners. This year’s results highlight that TCG continues to communicate effectively with partners and acts quickly to address issues of team well-being. According to the survey, 100% of partners see TCG as an excellent or good prime contractor.  

TCG asks its subcontractors to rate the company on corporate performance, contract management, effectiveness of communications, administrative competence, and other factors. The goal of the survey is to highlight how TCG can improve its relationships with subcontractors and service to customers. Key takeaways this year include:

      • 86% of partners view TCG as excellent or good in effective communication.
      • 90% of partners reported that TCG always acts promptly on issues of team well-being.
      • 91% reported that they are always paid on time. 
      • 100% say TCG listens to project team members and responds appropriately. 
      • 82% are highly enthusiastic about teaming with TCG again.

Daniel Turner, CEO and founder of TCG, said, “Incisive feedback from partners allows us to realize our mission of doing good and being good, while doing well. We know that our business success is dependent upon effectively collaborating with partners. We’ve used our decade of surveys to ensure that we’re a great partner and to seek honest feedback about how we can be better.” 

While the survey yielded very favorable responses, TCG won’t be resting on our laurels, and not just because laurels are terribly uncomfortable evergreen trees on which few people should rest. For example, TCG received high marks for communication but some partners requested more timely information on specific topics and an increase in one-to-one contact. In the last two years, the company established meetings for opportunity and pipeline sharing with partners and will continue to look for new ways to improve.

The survey was conducted from June to August 2019. TCG always appreciates the time our partners take to complete the annual survey. 

About TCG
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