Xeyes: Inviting an Old Friend to Microsoft Windows

In the early 90s, we worked on these large black and white Sun monitors with X‑Windows.  The problem was that with monochrome screens, we’d lose our cursor if we glanced away for a second.  The solution was xeyes: a charming set of eyes that followed your cursor around.


When I moved into Microsoft development, I created a quick port of xeyes to Windows called WinEyes.  Now with the prevalence of multiple monitors, it is again pretty easy to lose your cursor.  So I dusted off my old WInEyes, made some updates to make it really close in appearance to xeyes, and released it as open source under GPL.

So if you would like a second pair of eyes always reviewing your work and letting you know where your cursor is, download WinEyes at http://wineyes.sourceforge.net.