Transparency creates new IT challenges

As the government pushes for more transparency in operations and data delivery, IT departments must be prepared to take on significant challenges, says Dave McClure, GSA’s associate administrator for the Office of Citizen Services and Communications. Those challenges are summarized as:

  1. Disclosure management
  2. Data sharing
  3. Data quality
  4. Multichannel service delivery
  5. Data analysis
  6. Disruption
  7. Measuring impact

The bottom line for agencies is that more care needs to be taken to ensure data is appropriate, gathered from a broad array of sources and disseminated equally broadly, as free as possible of errors and problems, with a layer of analysis and integrity heretofore unimagined, and created with the notion of improved performance in mind.

Agencies are undoubtedly experiencing new pressures for flexibility and agility in delivery of data to the nation — an expectant country now expects full and open disclosure of accurate information, as quickly as they demand it — and IT plays a key role in supporting the government’s performance in this regard.