This Was Not Your Average Day at Work

Each June we hold our Annual All-hands Meeting. It’s the one time of year that all of us come together to learn about the status and future of the company, the latest news on our projects, internal developments, and to reconnect with colleagues we may not have seen in a while. And this year, we had a special agenda: it was time for us to focus on our new mission and our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG).

Our new mission is to “Improve the world around us, in big and little ways, every day.” I hear you saying, “Sure, sounds great. But how will you prove it?” Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal gives us the answer: By 2030, TCG will be a top 100 company for doing good and being good, while doing well.

Again, words. Sounds great. But what does this BHAG really mean, in practice? As illustrated in the graphic below, TCG is taking a three-pronged approach to reaching this audacious goal and fulfilling our mission.

  1. TCG will do good by its employees. TCG recognizes the responsibility we have to the people it employs, their families, and their communities. That’s why TCG will strive to make sound decisions that are in the best interest of its employees’ financial, emotional, and physical well-being. And to prove it, we will be a Fortune Best (Large) Workplace.
  2. We also want to be good corporate citizens. So, we are putting systems and processes in place to ensure we are acting ethically and giving back to our communities. And to prove it, we will be one of the “Most Ethical Companies in the World” (which is an actual thing).
  3. We will do all of this while doing well — being one of the most successful businesses in our industry. We aim be one of the Top 100 Government IT Contractors and show that it’s possible, and preferable, to run a business that improves the world because it will help our business thrive. Maybe we can be a model for other companies.

Our new mission and BHAG were the focus of the All-hands Meeting, framing conversations about our plans for the future, our collective role in fulfilling the mission in our day-to-day work, and additional opportunities to improve the world outside of our 9–5 jobs.

Each of TCG’s teams shared how they plan to improve the world around them in the coming year.

  • The Employee Happiness department will have a new emphasis on Charity Sprees, filling the months without a staff-organized event with sprees organized at a corporate level in support of our annual theme.
  • The WinTeam plans to give back to the industry and community through involvement in organizations and projects that will help others in government save money in the ways that we’ve helped our clients save money.
    The TechTeam is leading efforts to share ideas across projects and research new technologies for our customers that may improve government operations and help save taxpayer dollars.
  • Through their work with our customers, the OpsTeam is providing services that help government improve transparency, accountability, collaboration, and effectiveness for agencies and its stakeholders. A win/win for government and taxpayers.

The day was also filled with various activities to support STEM education for girls and minorities — our focus for how we will improve the world around us this coming year.

There will be lots of opportunities to improve the world around us as we work to fulfill our mission and reach our BHAG. In the meantime, why not think about how you can improve the world around you right now? And if you think other TCGers could do the same, let us know!