What’s the Process for Filling Senior Level Positions in Federal Government?

The Presidential appointment process has gotten a lot of attention from the press lately for a variety of reasons. Understandably so, the path to getting appointed to senior office can be quite complex, depending on the role a nominee is seeking. Among the many activities a nominee may perform before taking office is a financial disclosure review conducted by the Office of Government Ethics (OGE).

Using the financial disclosure, OGE looks for conflicts of interests the nominee may have in serving government, such as investments that would potentially benefit from this person taking office. OGE works with the nominees to eliminate those conflicts before they move forward for Senate review, White House appointment, or move directly to government service.

Underpinning this process is Integrity, an electronic financial disclosure filing system originally created by OGE. Integrity has significantly reduced the time needed to collect, review, and approve financial disclosures for senior executives.

The infographic below outlines the full process that Presidential appointees, senior executives, and other filers undergo before they take their seat in Government and throughout their tenure, and shows how Integrity has helped expedite this process.

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An infographic explaining the process that presidentail appointees and senior executives undergo to take office, and and explanation of the technology that supports this process.