Nine out of Ten Employees Agree: TCG is the Bee’s Knees!

Tenth Employee says, “Just kidding! TCG is great!”

Adding to its already considerable legend, TCG has been named a Washington Post “Top Workplace!” TCG finished as the number one advisory services or technology firm on the small business list, and number four top workplace of all small businesses, and number eight overall (that’s small, medium, and large businesses — 150 named in total!). If my math is correct, that makes TCG pretty awesome.

The Washington Post based their rankings on a detailed survey of TCG personnel, showing us that (while not perfect) our recent initiatives to engage our employees and make them as happy as they make us has been successful. For more information on TCG’s placement, as well as to see the other companies named to the list, go here.

Thank you to everyone that makes TCG a “Top Workplace!”