Heed the advice of Darren Ash!

Darren Ash joined the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as CIO a few months ago and had a guest column published in The Federal Times this week. You can read it here. (Disclosure: Darren was a client of ours at DOT.) In the column, Darren discusses some of the challenges he saw when he arrived at the NRC, and particularly the demands emerging from younger federal workers who are more attuned to digital tools and their capabilities, and how he is setting about addressing them. There’s some great commentary here, such as:

With business offices, develop and then adhere to a functional and capability road map to provide common solutions and plan for future technologies. Acknowledge that it is a living document, and communicate the plans and timeline to the staff and senior leadership. Note that it also has to be agreed upon by the business leaders. This will help strengthen budget requests.

Well worth 5 minutes of your time, I think!