hits new highs, and tracks Recovery Act opportunities

Two great pieces of news hit the blog yesterday: has experienced an unprecedented volume on the website. The hits on the site have increased 115% from December 08 (800K) to March 09 (1.8M).

In the three week period from March 2 through March 22 processed 27,576 applications which is by far and away the largest submissions processed in any 3 week period since began.

Also, on March 6 began capturing Recovery Act specific grant opportunities posted by agencies. We created the following page with information on the Act as well as access to the opportunities.

From March 6 through March 29 this page has been accessed 94,227 times. There are currently 67 Recovery Act opportunities posted on We are continuing to work towards enhancing system performance due to the increased activity on the system.

Looks like the system is now scaling better, and that the PMO is working really hard to ensure stays the one-stop-shop for grants information government-wide. Excellent!