Complete this survey!

Are you a grantee? Use a grants system? You should complete this survey. (Full disclosure: I’m the Co-Chair of this committee!)

If you haven’t already responded to the National Grants Partnership survey regarding the use of standards in grants management and administration, such as business process, data, performance, services and technical standards, please do so before the survey closes on Friday, October 6th (COB).

The survey is available at: and consists of only 8 questions, so it should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Our research objective is to accelerate grants streamlining by raising awareness of the standards that are being considered, developed, and used by state, local and non-profit grantees as well as the Federal government. Our research will result in a white paper that will be freely available.

We thank you for your time and energy, and look forward to sharing the results of our research with you in early 2007!


The National Grants Partnership Whitepaper Committee