Telework Exchange Announces Telework Week Results

The Telework Exchange,an Alexandria-based public-private partnership focused on demonstrating the Telework Exchange logotangible value of telework and serving the emerging educational and communication requirements of the Federal teleworker community, recently announced the results for Telework Week 2012, an effort that encouraged employees to telework during the week of March 5–9, 2012. This year’s results found that Telework Week 2012 participants saved a total of 6,413,006 miles; 251,774 hours; 3,453 tons of pollutants; and collectively saved $5.6 million by not commuting. For more informaton and to download the report, click here.

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  1. The last paragraph of the blog says the gist .. I agree with the fact that more numebr of hours per day does not mean more out put .. it’s the over all satisfaction that matters..and yields good results.Steve

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