Guidance on Uniform Guidance: Learning What’s in the Supercircular

If you are involved in grants or grantmaking in any capacity, you know that the Office of Management and Budget has attempted to bring together all those pesky federal regulations, rules, advisories, and guidance notices; standardize them; and publish them in a coherent and usable version known familiarly as the supercircular.

Unfortunately, the supercircular amounts to some 250 pages (get your copy here).

Fortunately, that replaces thousands of pages of disparate rules and regulations from all over the government.

Unfortunately, it’s still new and therefore confusing, and will need both training for users and tweaking where the Council on Financial Assistance Reform, for all its wonderful and hard work, might have missed some anomalies.  

Fortunately the COFAR is delivering extensive and free training on line. The first session was Monday, January 27. If you missed it, or if you want to go back and review some important points, COFAR has put the presentation and associated documentation on line. Here is the information you need to get to it:

COFAR Training Intro 1–27-14

COFAR Training Administrative Requirements 1–27-14

COFAR Training Cost Principles 1–27-14

COFAR Training Audit Requirements 1–27-14