TCG’s Happiness Department needs a senior person who can help create, support, and soon lead our outstanding culture. Want the title “Vice President for Employee Happiness”? This can be your path!

TCG is an award-winning government technology solutions provider. We are seeking an Employee Lifecycle Director. Applicants should live in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Do you find yourself thinking about the best philosophy for employee training? When you hear about a new employee coming to work on the first day and not getting a login into the network, do you have a strong urge to help that employee and also create training for project managers so this never happens again? Do you love thinking about career paths and compensation philosophies? When employees resign without animosity but end up leaving angry, does that bother you? Do you care about the experience of your coworkers every day, to the extent that you find yourself daydreaming about ways to improve their lives?

TCG relies on its employees and wants their lives and the lives of their loved ones to be better because they chose to work here. We embrace TCG culture with this vision as our guiding light.

We believe that HR as a standard corporate function is broken. It is difficult or impossible for one individual or group to protect the company from the actions of employees who act badly, and simultaneously to support employees in their lives and careers. There is a growing body of research to support this belief (including this article: To this end, we have broken HR into three strands: traditional HR (hard benefits, compliance, legal issues, etc.), Employee Happiness (engagement, training, career support, soft benefits), and Recruiting (a.k.a. Marketing or Strategic Sourcing).

Pretty “Distinct,” right?

We are looking for a “been there, done that” professional who still has a burning passion for human capital development (and thinks of employees as “people” and not “human capital” or “resources”) and would be inspired to drive the employee lifecycle management for a company that has been “Positively Distinct” for 25 years.

If selected, you will join an environment driven by core principles — respect, intelligence, collaboration, integrity, openness, and an unwavering commitment to family values. We are a symbiotic mesh of professionals inspired by providing value to our government partners and to the world around us.

As the Employee Lifecycle Director you will drive many functions of corporate culture and development. You will liaise with senior management as an effective business partner to appropriately advise and guide person-related decisions, policies and processes. Leading TCG in this pursuit will involve the employee experience — from on-boarding through off-boarding; career development and progression; employee performance recognition; salary banding; training; coaching; and mentoring. We’re especially interested in rethinking and organizing our career and salary structure.

TCG is a very collaborative organization, so you will be expected to share what you know and know that others will share with you. No one-(hu)man bands here at TCG. Yes, it’s hard to stand out in an organization like this, but we hope that you will, both for your collaboration and your initiative.

You’ll report directly to the Vice President for Employee Happiness, who reports to the CEO. And when the Vice President for Employee Happiness retires in 2020, if all goes well, you’ll take her place.

This job isn’t all kudos and butterflies. You’ll be participating in an experiment few, if any, companies are attempting. This system can certainly lead to dropped balls between HR, Employee Happiness, managers, and employees, and you will need to identify failures and determine the best way to correct them in the future. You’ll be held to a higher standard than most other companies can hold their do-everything HR executives. And you’ll be expected to be able to articulate your role and your processes and policies with verve and aplomb, be able to exploit erudite vocabulary but also be able to tailor your message to the very young and inexperienced. And we think grammar counts, too.

If you think you’re up for the challenge, we want to hear from you!


Employee Relations 

  • Refine and manage TCG’s employee career progression process
  • Monitor company culture using surveys, regular meetings with staff, exit interviews, corporate projections and goals, etc., and use this data to identify ways to make our culture stronger and more appealing
  • Support corporate succession planning
  • Work with managers on individual and team development through training, coaching, mentoring, and supporting individual initiatives
  • Stay on top of employee relations issues and make recommendations to management related to the performance management process
  • Guide and support managers in helping their team members develop and improve their performance
  • Guide and direct some TCG culture-related initiatives and coordinate with other TCG teams as appropriate
  • Provide guidance and direction on conflict resolution and management

Salary and Compensation

  • Manage career ladders and salary-administration programs
  • Provide insight and direction for annual merit and bonus processes
  • Prepare and maintain salary recommendations to ensure alignment with corporate salary structure, industry salary standards, and internal equity
  • Support corporate HR in their administration and implementation of benefits plans, and appropriately manage the response to employee questions or concerns


  • Ensure TCG managers are educated on procedures and policies, and support them as necessary in implementing programs
  • Manage the corporate training development program, including leadership development

Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Support

  • Work with the Talent Acquisition Team (“Recruiting”) to ensure the recruiting experience from a candidate’s perspective is responsive, seamless, and professional
  • Work with Human Resources to establish and ensure an effective execution of the employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes
  • Recommend and develop new and innovative operating policies and procedural improvements for Employee Happiness
  • Provide input and advice on Recruiting and HR on policies, procedures, and documentation, recognizing that these are separate departments with professional staff
  • Resolve policy-related and procedural problems and inquiries
  • Work with all those who manage others to address people issues that affect business results


  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, organizational development or a related field
  • A track record of continuing education that indicates your interest in a comprehensive understanding of organization development
  • Experience in government consulting is a plus
  • Experience working with telecommuting employees is a plus
  • Evidence that you have a commitment to a stellar employee experience

Naturally, TCG does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or anything else that makes you part of any group. We discriminate on the basis of talent, ability, commitment, and experience.

We pay competitive wages and provide excellent benefits. We have a 401K plan, a health plan that includes dental and vision benefits, pet health insurance, support for sick-child daycare, fitness clubs, a generous training budget for each employee, employee-led (and TCG paid) social events, company charity events, free theater and sports tickets, and much more.

In fact, in 2019 Fortune magazine named TCG as a “Great Place to Work” for the fourth year in a row and The Washington Post named TCG as a “Top Workplace” for the fifth straight year, based on how our employees feel about the company, the benefits TCG offers, and the work/life balance that our staff are able to achieve.

Try us … we’ll make you happy.