TBM Maturity Model for Federal Agencies

For federal executives who are interested in maturing TBM at their agency, the maturity model and associated white papers provide detailed guidance to advance their program.  


As agencies are just beginning to adopt and understand TBM, it is only natural to want to mature the program. When implemented properly, TBM immediately delivers insights into IT spending and provides incremental value as the program matures.

The maturity model developed by TCG is a framework for assessing an agency’s TBM maturity and for developing a precise set of actionable steps to move on a path toward achieving a high level of TBM maturity. Each paper takes a deep dive into the five focus areas of the model and provides worksheets, assessments, and other tools to help you understand your investments and create a roadmap for improvement.


Available White Papers

  • Overview: Provides high-level guidance on how to use the maturity model to develop a roadmap to a fully leveraged TBM program.
  • TBM Process: Explores how well processes are integrated and streamlined across other organizations within the agency.
  • Data Analytics: Assesses how well data is managed and “put to work” within an agency by supporting decision-making through automated reporting, improved data quality, and increased insights using advanced data tools.
  • Technology: Examines how well technology is leveraged to further automate processes and make information easily available to business users and other decision-makers.

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