TBM Maturity Model for Federal Agencies and Additional Resources

The maturity model developed by TCG is a framework for assessing an agency’s TBM maturity and for developing a precise set of actionable steps to move on a path toward achieving a high level of TBM maturity. Each paper takes a deep dive into the five focus areas of the model and provides worksheets, assessments, and other tools to help you understand your investments and create a roadmap for improvement.

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Provides high-level guidance on how to use the maturity model to develop a roadmap to a fully leveraged TBM program.

TBM Processes

Explores how well processes are integrated and streamlined across other organizations within the agency.

Data Analytics

Assesses how well data is managed and “put to work” within an agency by supporting decision-making through automated reporting, improved data quality, and increased insights using advanced data tools.


Examines how well technology is leveraged to further automate processes and make information easily available to business users and other decision-makers.

Additional Resources

TBM Processes: Assessment Worksheet

Use this questionnaire to identify the strong points and area for improvement in your agency’s TBM processes. Additionally, you can use the questionnaire to facilitate discussions with TBM stakeholders.

TBM Processes: Common Indicators and Solutions

At each level of maturity, there are common practices that agencies will have improve in order to advance in maturity. This worksheet outlines common indicators of ineffective TBM process and a path to resolution.

Data Analytics: Common Assumptions 

Testing assumptions is one of the activities that can drive innovation and compel organizations to find new and better ways of utilizing IT. This questionnaire helps agencies identify and evaluate common assumptions in their organization and get more value from TBM data.

Data Analytics: Agency Self Assessment

This worksheet is a component of the TBM Maturity Model for Federal Agencies — Data Analytics white paper and should be used to evaluate the maturity of data analytics at an agency.

Technology: Agency Self-Assessment

To be used after reading the TBM Maturity Model for Federal Agencies Technology focus area paper, this assessment will highlight attributes in your agency that will impact decisions for the five technical considerations described in the paper.

6 Steps to Implementing Technology Business Management at Your Agency

For federal CIOs and CFOs who are interested in accelerating TBM at their agency, this paper outlines the process needed to successfully roll out TBM and deliver meaningful insights in just six steps.